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Once the most important bands from Moonlight Records were reunited and the new Italian Folk Metal musicians joined them, Nemeton Records decided to create this compilation to promote all the bands under its wing and to present itself to the world of recording industry in a more concrete way.

The album is composed of one song from each of the bands under the label, and in the case of the "ex-Moonlight" ones, the tracks are more or less the same that had been recorded for the previous label.

1. Aftergod - Para Bellum
2. Alexander Wyrd - Arcana Opera: Nell'ora della Morte
3. Artaius - Horizon
4. Calico Jack - Where hat th'Rum Gone?
5. Diabula Rasa - Tsanich
6. Folk Metal Jacket - Winter Fog
7. Kanseil - Tzimbar Bint
8. Lou Quinse - Seguida (Per Passar Lou Rhone/Laou)
9. Maladecia - La Bataiolo
10. ODR - Notte Alcolica
11. Primo Vespere - Sotto l'Albero Caduto
12. Sentinum - Battle of Sentinum
13. Strawdaze - Lady Molly
14. Ulvedharr - Ymir Song
15. Vallorch - Fialar


During autumn 2013, Primo Vespere made a few appearances in other projects, like Contro tutti, debut EP of rapper Double C, whose song Fuori dalle righe was written and played by the multi-instrumentalist Enrico Ruberti on the base composed by himself under the name of Primo Vespere, and Veneto vs. Sicilia, a compilation collecting songs by the best metal bands from the two Italian regions, compared in the same album.

Primo Vespere represents Venice with Black Sun.

Both these albums have not been distributed outside the Internet. In fact, they are freely downloadable contacting Double C, Mondo Metal (Italian Underground) and Italian Undergroundzine.


This album was recorded during February 2013 and officially released by Moonlight Records in June 2013. Initially contacted by the label in autumn 2012, Primo Vespere were offered to produce an album on condition that the tracks would have been recorded by the following spring. For the occasion You Gave Me Life and Sotto L'Albero Caduto were written, but the recordings began during their arrangement phase.
The song Vespero, originally supposed to be sung in Italian, was then made into an instrumental track, under advice of the producer.

Mixing and mastering works (by Francesco Rabaglia at Moonlight Studios in Parma) were made quickly in correspondence to the recordings of Angeroot's first album (the last band the label officially produced) because of some problems with the Studios.
As a result, Daylight Fading was co-produced by Moonlight Records and Primo Vespere, and it was one of the last albums officially released before the label split up, stopping the publishing.

Daylight Fading was not adequately promoted because of these problems, and the album's divulgation didn't take place. Fortunately, Nemeton Records intervened, promoted the distribution via Amazon, Spotify and Code7, and managed the publicity and promotion, before it was formally and legally acknowledged as label.

The title was suggested by Jacopo Abbruscato as the band's presentation. "Primo Vespere" 's English and better structured translation, instead of its simple meaning, "sunset".
Moonlight Records printed and produced 500 copies, but only 350 of them were saved from the relocation from the studios in Parma, which had been left in summer 2013.

Total length: 48:11 min.

1. Black Sun (05:01)
2. You Gave Me Life (04:52)
3. Rejected God (06:57)
4. Unfaithful Soul (04:49)
5. Vespero (02:59) 6. Riflesso Di Morte (06:05)
7. Through the Graves (04:18)
8. The Darkest One (03:52)
9. A Modern Man A Modern Beast (04:36)
10. Sotto L'Albero Caduto (04:42)

Davide Lazzarini - Vocals
Marco Pedrali - Keyboards
Mattia Camozzi - Guitars
Enrico Ruberti - Guitars
Jacopo Abbruscato - Bass
Giacomo Berton - Drums


Recorded all at once with further overdubs of vocals, lead guitars and keyboards solo parts, it was mixed and mastered by Nicola Marangon of Talco at the rehearsal studio in Favaro Veneto (Venice) during the last days of December 2011 and the first ones of January 2012.

For the recordings of this EP some of the tracks written until that moment were selected. For the occasion, The Darkest One (the band's first song, readapted in the following album) and Requiem for an Empire (an almost oriental-style folk track, mainly composed by Gyan Ganesha, and no longer played after he left) were put aside.

The title Crushed Instability was proposed by Marco Pedrali as a symbol of the line-up precariousness, a great discomfort in the band that was defeated with this production. 250 copies were printed, self-produced by the band itself, and since 2013 the EP has been made available on digital mp3 download.
Total length: 27:21 min.

01. Black Sun (05:11)
02. Rejected Gode (07:31)
03. Riflesso di Morte (05:16)
04. Through the Graves (04:16)
05. A Modern Man, a Modern Beast (05:10)

Line up:
Davide Lazzarini - Vocals
Marco Pedrali - Keyboards
Mattia Camozzi - Guitars
Enrico Ruberti - Guitars
Jacopo Abbruscato - Bass
Giacomo Berton - Drums


Recorded at the rehearsal studio in Lido di Venezia by Lorenzo Angeli during an ordinary rehearsal in November 2010, the album contained Primo Vespere's music played without the lead guitar, and it had the purpose to introduce the members' ideas while they were looking for the sixth member.

The tracks are in demo version, recorded by the mixer, but not mastered. The demo also presents the songs in their non-definitive form, both on structure and lyrics (which were lately completely changed). In fact, the tracks were then readapted over time and with the change of line-up, to be ready for more serious recordings.

Some of them were included in the musical program of the venetian radio Radio Vanessa at the beginning of 2011, and are still occasionally played at the nighttime program.

The album was never actually published, except for ten copies for the members' private use; but it was audible and downloadable from MySpace during 2011.
Total length: 12.17 min.

01. The Dance of the Eternity (00:23)
02. The Darkest One (03:25)
03. Black Sun (05:13)
04. Rejected God (03:16)

Line up :
Davide Lazzarini - Vocals
Marco Pedrali - Keyboards
Marco Peplis - Guitar
Gyan Ganesha - Bass
Giacomo Berton - Drums